Why Should People Consider a Vegan Diet?

More and more people are becoming health conscious and working to improve their diets. Thankfully, so much progress has occurred and people are seeing changes in the foods being offered at grocery stores and retailers across the country. As people demand healthier food choices, companies like Hampton Creek are rising to the challenge and ensuring they are offered what they need.

When the owners of Hampton Creek began researching, their goal was to be able to produce sustainable food choices that would allow people to eat a healthier diet while not feeling deprived or being forced to pay extravagant prices. With their research, they began to accumulate a large amount of information that needed to be placed in a database. This database has proven helpful in allowing them to create delicious food products that are changing the way people view vegan foods.

Those who have tried their products are amazed at the flavors. They first gained popularity with their Just Mayo line. They discovered a special pea protein that could be used in place of the eggs in traditional mayo recipes. This protein allowed them to properly emulsify the spread so that it had the same texture and thickness of egg mayo. When people began tasting this mayo, they could not believe it was not traditional. Hampton Creek added chipotle, garlic, and sriracha

When they saw the success of these products, they created cookies and cookie dough. They have since added pancakes, brownies, dessert mixes, dressings, and many other additions. Hampton Creek continues to research products and they are currently working on around 500 additions they hope to add in the coming months and years. Their eventual goal is to create meat and cheese substitutes that more closely resemble true animal products.

If you are interested in their coming products, you can read about Hampton Creek here. Visiting their website and social media sites will keep you informed about their current products and those they are working on. They are constantly updating their sites with new recipes and ideas to keep their customers informed. Check them out today so you can eat healthier than ever before.